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A Modest Destiny
The main focus of squidi.net is this humorous fantasy comic series. It is split into seasons with story arcs that run several hundred comics each. There is an over reaching plot which connects each season, so you'll definitely want to begin at the start of season one.

  1. Maxim Saves the World
Began January 1st, 2003. Runs 362 comics

Where it all began. The story of the hero Maxim and his adventures in saving the world from his evil twin brother and the mysterious Deo-Deo.

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  2. The Dreaded Vampire Lord Fluffy
Began March 16, 2004. Runs 155 comics.

Something big is going down in Hill Town, and it is up to the kinda evil vampire Fluffy and his companions to stop it.

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  3. The War of Fate
Began Jan 1st, 2005. Runs 126 comics.

Five years have passed since the last adventure. The world has changed in many way, none of them for the better. The humans are at war with the undead. They are losing.

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  4. Prophecies of the Demon King
Began Sept 29, 2006. In progress...

Continuing directly from the War of Fate, Maxim and Hechter at the center of a conspiracy of damning proportions.

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