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The Starship Destiny
After AMD's first season completed, work was started on a sci-fi series called The Starship Destiny, which didn't live up to my expectations. I intend to reboot the franchise, but these first strips are presented here for prosperity.

  1. Things Worth Fighting For...
Began January 12th, 2004. Runs 61 comics.

Being hunted by a bounty hunter, the crew decides to stop off at a space station with a unique legal system.


  2. The City on the Edge of Not Ever
Began September 13th, 2004. Runs 43 comics.

When getting a new crew member, an insane Gizmo escapes into the past. Can they stop him before he destroys the timeline?


  0. Introduction
Began January 1st, 2004. Runs 11 comics.

A non-canon introduction to TSD which played before the series started properly. Though breaking the fourth wall, it introduces characters.




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