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  Mechanic #111 - Pixel Puncher
Posted: 10/25/10

A turn-based strategy game where you literally knock the pixels off your enemies.

  Punching Pixels Like A Man


This is a simple turn based strategy game where you actually attack the artwork of the opposing enemy. Like most of the tactics games, you take turns moving around a chessboard-like field. You can attack adjacent enemies, and when you do, a little picture of the enemy you are fighting shows up. You select a pixel on his person and do damage to it, possibly destroying it.


The twist is that each unit is made from several layers of images, each each pixel has a different amount of hitpoints based on what the pixel is supposed to represent. So a guy wearing armor may consist of four layers: the armor, flesh, bone, and soul. The soul contains a square of pixels which are the soul's weak spot. Destroy those four pixels and the enemy is defeated.

Of course, the soul's weak spot is going to be the most protected (and it won't always be in the same spot for every enemy unit). Each pixel on the character is associated with a particular body part, and reducing those areas to lower layers reduces the effectiveness of those body parts. For instance, the feet are just two pixels. You can destroy the boots, leaving bare feet, reducing movement speed. Destroy the bare feet, leaving only bone to reduce movement speed altogether. Destroy the bones and the character can not walk at all.


Different weapons may attack the pixels differently. For example, an axe may swipe down 5 pixels from the top, column selected at random. A sword will cut in 5 pixels, either from the left or right, row selected from the middle third. A spear will attack in a cross shape at a random spot on the enemy. Since the soul's weak spot may be located in different places, such as in the head, near the heart, or every in the groin, using different weapons and attacks to increase the likelihood of hitting the weakspot.


Of course, the strategies get more complex and interesting once you start introducing enemies which are larger, since larger means more pixels and more pixels means more places for the weak spot to hide.



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