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  Mechanic #182 - Dice Throwdown
Posted: Jan 17, 2014

Throw dice into dice-crafted terrain to cause destruction, earn points, and aggravate your opponent.

  Dice Throw Down



Fig 182.1 - Field of battle.

This is a dexterity point-scoring game in which you have a field made up of various structures built by stacking multi-colored dice, as well as a number of single dice in your and your opponent's color. You flick a die (the cue ball) from the exterior into the field, hitting a die of your color first (either the free dice or part of a structure). If the cue ball die hits anything before it hits a die of your color or the cue ball goes off the field, the turn is invalidated and the dice structures are rebuilt by your opponent. The structures must remain the same, but your opponent may reconfigure which dice are in them. Any non-structure dice, like the free dice or debris dice, that leave the table remain off of it.

The goal is to knock down the structures by hitting them with dice. Each dice that falls off a structure onto the field performs a different function:

Dice that are your color - These remain on the field.

Dice that are your opponent's color - These are removed from the field.

Gray dice - These remain on the field as debris, making it more difficult to flick your cue ball die into a die of your own color.

Black dice - These are collected and added to a central structure made of just black dice. They can be added to the central structure in any manner desired as long as they are in face-to-face contact with black dice in the structure.

White dice - These are simply removed.

The ultimate goal is to gain points by flicking your cue ball die into your colored dice, knocking them out of the playing area. You get points based on the number of your colored dice you clear off the field, and lose points for clearing off your opponent's dice. But first, of course, you must get them down from the structures they are built into.

  Conceptual Notes

- This idea is basically just an excuse to throw dice at things. In [#180 - Everything Dice], I toyed with the idea of flicking dice as a form of combat, but it seemed so messy in comparison with the more meticulous movement and line of sight approaches. It seemed like it would be frustrating to have your units blasted around and that the fun would come from knocking over towers directly. Hence the new idea involving a cue ball and multi-colored structures.



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