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  Mechanic #184 - Love Connection
Posted: Jan 20, 2014

Go on dates with women that connect their favorite things with you, making you the center of their affection.

  I'm your host, Chuck Woolery

This is the backbone behind a sort of dating adventure game. The gameplay consists of choosing dates in order to connect a girl's favorite things together in order to discover her secret desires. It sounds a lot more salacious than it really is.



Fig 184.1 - Heart.

This represents a girl's heart, with each of the circles towards the edge representing her favorite things. These would not be so explicit in the game, but instead things mentioned in dialogue that the player would have to infer. The object is to go on specific dates with the girl in order to connect two favorite things, and thus revealing a new favorite thing.

So, for example, the girl mentions that she used to like dinosaurs as a kid and that she reads comic books. You can go on a date with her to a science fiction movie, during which it will be revealed that she is also a big fan of Dr. Who. Meanwhile, you also discover that she likes smoking pot and playing the guitar. You can invite her over to your house to listen to some Grateful Dead, only to discover that she always wanted a lava lamp.



Fig 184.2 - Dating Circle.

The goal is to go on dates connecting two neighboring favorite things to unlock new favorite things, ultimately, unlocking her deepest desires at the center of her heart. You can not connect favorite things that are not adjacent to each other, and since you don't initially know what or where her favorite things are, you need to start by guessing. You know she likes horses and beer, so you think she'd like to go to a pony show - but they are not neighbors in the heart and cannot be connected.

So go on dates to discover what she likes. Then go on dates that combine what she likes, revealing more about her.

  Conceptual Notes

- I don't remember where this idea came from. I know it came to me in a sort of creative spree, in which I had three ideas in quick succession one night. I believe I was considering an older idea which I haven't put on the site yet, where you connect memories together using Tetris pieces that represent emotions to... I'm not sure. There's a reason I haven't put it on the site yet.

- Only after drawing the illustration above did I realize that I basically just reinvented a puzzle tree. The circular, freeform nature of it makes it a bit more interesting.

- Try not to read too much into the icons I drew up there. It's not like I planned this stuff out or anything. And that spider is supposed to be Spider-man, not that her deepest desire is arachnids - although I'm not sure which is worse.



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