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  Mechanic #212 - Dice Boardgame Map
Posted: Apr 22, 2016

A roll and move game where the board is made up of dice that can be rolled around.

  Dice Boardgame Map



Fig 212.1 - It's like Monopoly with dice!

This premise here is really simple. Take a board game, like Monopoly or Chutes and Ladders, where each square on the board does something (roll again, lose a turn, move two spaces ahead), and then print those squares on the sides of cubes. The board is now made of dice. In fact, if you wanted a new board every game, just roll the dice before setup.

You'll notice in the illustration above, there are gaps in the board. When this happens, the pawns can continue moving by tipping the dice over, like the game Devil Dice.



Fig 212.2 - Devil dice!

Basically, when you move into a spot that doesn't have a die in it, you tip your current one into that space. This counts as moving one space and landing on whatever side comes up. By changing the board like this, you can force your opponent to land on unwelcome spaces, or perhaps manipulate the board in your favor (get three colors lined up gives a bonus or something). The dark dice don't tip and can not be moved or otherwise manipulated.

There's a lot of places you could take such a mechanics, like boards that allow you to tip dice off to the side, or special abilities that allow you to rotate dice in place without tipping. Stack dice on top of each other to make a 3D board, where you can tip dice into holes or roll them up walls. There's endless possibilities with where to take this, but I figure I should just focus on the core mechanic this time, and if I decide to expand on those possibilities later, I can do them as a separate entry.



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