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  Mechanic #217 - Decal Dungeon Crawl
Posted: May 23, 2016

Delve through a first person dungeon where everything is a sticker that can be moved around.

  Decal Dungeon Crawl

This is a first person dungeon crawl, like Dungeon Keeper, where you move around a dungeon in first person, one square at a time. The one square at a time thing is a bit important because everything in the dungeon is a sticker that you can move around, and controlling perspective is fundamental to the mechanic. I guess the best way to do this would to just start with an example and work from there.



Fig 217.1 - Door decal.

In this example, we come across a wall with a door that is too small to fit through. Using our magic stickerfying magic, we grab the door as a sticker. Then we walk around the dungeon until we find a wall the right size, and stick the door decal on the wall. The door is now the appropriate size for the wall it is on. Moving closer, the door remains on the wall at relative size.

In this way, you can already see how one can rearrange a dungeon by moving doors, lanterns, and other wall fixtures. Perhaps you can move a window to another location to see through a wall. You can find decals around the dungeon, manipulate the perspective to get them to the right shape and size, and affect the dungeon in fundamental ways.



Fig 217.2 - Puzzle Door.

One way to do would be to have a door broken up into quarters, each quarter being a sticker found somewhere else in the dungeon. Only by getting each sticker to the right side and assembling them in the correct order will you have a working door.



Fig 217.3 - Perspective matters.

The things on the walls aren't the only stickers. The viewport itself is a sticker. If you find a weird obstacle, like a door behind a small lava pit, just remove the entire scene, rotate it 180 degrees, and reapply it. Now you walk on the ceiling. Doing so slightly affects gravity, so now the lava drips down onto the floor (which was the ceiling) whenever a bubble bursts.



Fig 217.4 - Direction matters.

Or maybe you come to a hole you can't cross. Take the door off as a sticker, rotate it 90 degrees and reapply it. When you open the door, the door itself becomes a bridge you can use to cross the pit. Turn it 90 degrees the other direction and it becomes a one way door for dumb monsters - they can walk through it one direction, but they can't return. The same sort of doors they use on squirrel traps.

  Multiplayer Decal Dungeon Crawl

The original impulse for the idea was to have a multiplayer dungeon crawl, four players split screen. The things you peel off one screen could be applied to another one - even going so far as to rip off one player's health bar as a stick and trade it with another. The players themselves would have paper doll representations of their avatars next to their screen, so you could trade items and armor by simply peeling them from one paper doll and applying them to another.

Each player would be in their own labyrinths, unconnected to each other in the physical world, but they could send items and monsters to each other as stickers. So there might be a slime eating minotaur in one labyrinth that gets sick when it eats blue slimes - but there are no blue slimes there. A second player in a different labyrinth could defeat a blue slime, stickerize it, then send it to the other player's labyrinth, giving the minotaur a blue slime to eat (causing it to get sick and become easily defeated).



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