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  Mechanic #035 - Room Conveyor Belt
Posted: 06/12/07

A pellet eating game where the rooms are placed on conveyor belts and are moved and rotated every thirty seconds.



This is a quickie idea with a very simple premise. Essentially, you have a map of a pellet eating game that is made up of a bunch of tiny rooms.


Some of the rooms are on conveyor belts, and every 30 seconds, will rotate along the path. This shift may open up paths or close old ones. All enemies and the player will maintain their relative position in the room they were in (if they were between rooms, they go boom).


Here is the resulting rotated level. These rooms have been specifically designed to have open connections, such that once you enter a room, you can always access the other exits. However, with careful design, you could create rooms that have very specific connections, causing the shifting rooms to require strategy and planning to navigate. The conveyor belts also don't need to be circular.

And that's the idea. It took longer to draw the pictures than to write it up. I mean, it always does, but this one is especially short on the text. A picture is, as they say, worth a thousand words.



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