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  Mechanic #044 - Gravity Arena

Category: Tactics
Posted: 06/21/07

A Worms/Artillery-style game where each side see the world from a different point of view.



Really simple idea here. This is a Worms/Artillery type game. You've got little guys that attack other little guys using projectile weapons. You decide the angle and strength of the shot. The twist is that each team uses a different "down" for gravity. Above is the blue team, standing around like it owns the place. This is how blue sees the world.


Here is red team. This is the same level, rotated counter-clockwise. This is red's "down" direction. When it is red's turn, they see the level from this direction. Notice that blue still has its direction the same as before, but now that the level is rotated to red's point of view, it looks like they are standing on the wall.


Ultimately, when all four teams are present, all four directions are represented. That's the idea. Pretty simple really. Probably didn't need four illustrations, but I wanted to show how the world looked differently to each team, and if I just used one illustration with all four teams present, it is too busy for the idea to come across easily



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