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  Mechanic #047 - Chisel Puzzle

Category: Puzzle
Posted: 06/24/07

A falling block game where you use cannons to chisel away at a block to achieve a certain shape.



Very simple idea. A large block falls from the sky. Use the cannons on the side of the field to shoot out chunks from it, to shape it into one of four patterns presented at the bottom.


Here's a picture of one of the cannons blowing off a chunk. In addition to the cannons, you can also rotate the big block ninety degrees to gain access to different sides of it.


And here is the final chiselled masterpiece as it crosses the final line. Note how it matches up to one of the patterns listed below. You can match any one of the patterns, and rotation doesn't have to match up.

For more difficulty, you could present blocks that are not uniformly shaped (like made of Tetris pieces, and you destroy each Tetris piece entirely upon hit). You could have the block rotate automatically (perhaps even slowly so that you can shoot at odd angles). Or perhaps you could have the cannon fire shift the block over one column, and have obstacles in the field that you've got to use the cannons to move it around while chiseling it properly.




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