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#132 - Card Craft
Three Hundred Prototypes



Simplified implementation of [#132 - Card Craft].

Use 'ASWD' to scroll around the field. Click on cards 6 times to harvest their resources. Drag cards from palette at bottom to place in world.

Topsoil cards have a random chance to spawn a tree (which will grown into either a tree and stone, or a grove of trees). Underground soils will spawn rocks and occasionally bones. Occasionally, you'll get a field of flowers - these contain no resources and should be cut down like weeds.

Building the castle requires placing a generic castle room, then building the unique rooms on top of them. Stairs up and down must be placed vertically adjacent, but it allows you to build different floors. The dungeon, which requires bone to build, will slowly spawn bone resources for the player.

Tunnels must be placed next to another tunnel, or a tunnel entrance (the hole in the ground).

Unlike the original idea, there is not a little guy you can move around. There are also no harvesting tools or decks of equipment cards for crafting.

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