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#250 - Triangle Isometric
Three Hundred Prototypes



Example of [#250 - PGC: Triangle Isometric].

Use ASWD to move around the current plane, E/C to change planes. 'Q' or SPACE to build block. You cannot remove blocks.

Use number keys to change block type (triangle at top left current one):
1 - grass.
2 - white.
3 - black.
4 - red.
5 - green.
6 - purple.


This is an isometric world represented as a 2D grid of triangles. Each cell of the grid also keeps track of the depth of the triangle. Since I only keep track of the closest, it is impossible to remove blocks - but you can replace existing blocks or add new ones. To allow for removals or transparency in blocks, each cell would need to be a linked list of triangles, keeping not only the tile id and depth, but also whether the tile was opaque or not.

Honestly, there's no real good reason to do isometric graphics this way. It is a pain in the butt, but hey, I did it (in the laziest, dumbest way possible).




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