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 North of the House   (points: 1/10)

You are standing in a field just north of the big white house. On the ground is a pile of leaves.


You sing a rousing rendition of Oh Danny Boy, moving the leaves very deeply.


You grab an armful of leaves and put them in your pocket. You aren't really sure why, but a little voice inside your head tells you that if it ain't nailed down, it will conveniently solve some problem in the near future. Strangely, a few of the leaves were nailed down, so you left them be. Hidden by the pile of leaves was a small metal grate.


The grate is great, if you must know. Below is a mysterious darkness that eats away at your very soul. What horrors lurk below? Could be sewer clowns or perhaps just wet leaves. You catch a glimmer of the sun reflecting off something metallic in the darkness.


It is far too heavy for your weak muscles. Your dad warned you this day may come. That's why you should have lifted weights when he told you. But no, you had to be an "artist". Fat lot of good that did you. Can't even lift a few cast iron metal bars to get the shiny thing. The whole experience is quite grating...


In your pockets, you hold:
A refrigerator magnet.
A yard of twine.
A pile of leaves.


It was a beautiful race. Neck and neck for a while there, but despite your best efforts, the twine won.


Done. You have created Magneto-Twine(tm).


The magnet latches onto the metal bars quite nicely. Perhaps you could fashion some sort of complex pulley system in which to balance the force needed to raise the bars, but you don't have any pulleys on you. That and it's twine, which is hardly known for its ability to not break.


You lower the magnet deep into the mysterious darkness that eats away at your soul. You hear a familiar clink as the magnet attaches to the shiny metal object. Slowly, you pull the twine up, revealing a small revolver dangling from the magnet. Realizing that you've used the Magneto-Twine(tm) to solve one problem, you'll never ever need to use it again, so you throw it away like the damned fool you are.

You have earned 1 point out of a possible 10.


You examine the revolver from all angles. As you stare down the barrel, an overwhelming depression hits you. You wonder what would happen if you pulled the trigger. Would it hurt? Would you die? Would you go to heaven? What about your ex-girlfriend Sally? That'd show her, wouldn't it? Bitch. She deserves to have to go to the morgue to examine your bloated, unrecognizable corpse. That'll teach her to sleep with your best friend. Fortunately, this line of thought is quickly pushed from your mind when you realize it would be much more prudent to shoot Sally instead of yourself.


You sit the revolver down and explain in a calm voice that the company is downsizing. If it were up to you, things would be different, but it's not. This is a decision from higher up. You really are sorry, but unfortunately, (here you insert a dramatic pause) you are just going to have to let the revolver go.

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