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Three Hundred Mechanics

  Welcome to Three Hundred Mechanics

This is my attempt to document three hundred different gameplay concepts of my own creation. These ideas are free for anyone to use. Please visit the About Page for more information and my contact details.

New Readers: Some of these ideas build off past ones as I refine, or sometimes redefine, concepts that continue to inspire me. I recommend that new readers begin at [#001 - Negative Space] and work through them chronologically.

In the Flesh: Want to actually play these ideas? Head on over to Three Hundred Prototypes and see some of them in action with your HTML5 capable browser! There's only a few prototypes at the moment, but more will be added over time.

  Ideas In Progress

I have a bunch of ideas written in my notebook, but it could take months (or even years) to write them all up - so I've uploaded my notebook. They aren't all complete ideas, and the finished entries may be fundamentally different once completed - heck, I may decide to do something different altogether. In some cases, these prototype ideas may even be better than what I eventually post. I present the notes here mostly as a novelty, to see my naked creativity in all its ugly glory.

Because I know I'll get asked, ideas #211 - #250 were brainstormed over the course of a month on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil in the GoodNotes app.

  The Mechanics (Most Recent Entries First):



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