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  Mechanic #176 - Surfaces
Posted: Jan 11, 2014

Each surface in the world is its own arcade game. Travel between them, or even above them.




Fig 176.1 - Zelda in 3D! Sort of...

Imagine a world of 2D screens placed into a 3D world. Each screen represents a single screen arcade game with a perspective based on the position of the screen. Horizontal screens would be an overhead perspective (like Zelda), while vertical screens would be a side view (like Zelda 2), and slopes are done at a three-quarters view. The idea is your little hero can travel between the screens like a Zelda game, using doorways and what not to change between screens in different perspectives.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (and this was surprisingly difficult to draw), so this will be a shorter entry. The only thing to really add is that the player can sort of pop out of a view into one of those adorable voxel characters, which he can use to travel in 3D space. For instance, the guy can pop off the tall mountain and parachute down to one of the horizontal views below, or take a zip-line from a vertical view on one mountain and travel to a different vertical view on another mountain.

  Conceptual Notes

- This is one of the oldest ideas in my notebook, but I never wrote about it because I figured that someone must've done it before. It seems like such an obvious idea. However, since coming up with the idea, I haven't seen it done yet. One PSN game came close about a year ago, where you played a piece of graffiti on a brick wall, but even that is only superficially similar.



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