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  Mechanic #180 - Everything Dice
Posted: Jan 17, 2014

A tactical boardgame in which all elements, from units to measurements to abilities, are made from six-sided dice.

  Everything Dice



Fig 180.1 - It's ALL dice, Dave.

This is a tabletop tactical game in which all elements are made from dice: the units, terrain, movement templates... everything.




Fig 180.2 - It's all DICE, Dave.

In this game, the units themselves are made out of dice placed in specific configuration. One dice is a small minion unit, like a dog, while two dice stacked on top of each other is humanoid. The other two represent vehicles. These units can be moved and positioned around the playing field, as if you were playing Warhammer 40k or some other miniature skirmish game.

When you want to attack, you place a placeholder die next to the unit, flush against one of the dice faces. Then pick up the unit's dice and use those to roll attacks. So minions attack with one die while tanks attack with 5. Afterwards, take your dice and rebuild the unit next to the placeholder.




Fig 180.3 - It's all dice, DAVE.

Movement is calculated by placing dice directly on the board, corner to corner. Replace the last die with the unit's bottom die, then rebuild the unit.



Fig 180.4 - IT'S all dice, Dave.

Vehicles can't turn quite as easily as foot soldiers, so they must move two consecutive dices before being able to turn at a die corner. Same rule applies. Replace the last die in the movement chain with whatever die the first movement die is touching, then rebuild the vehicle. In this example, the tank runs over the red soldier.

  Line of Sight



Fig 180.5 - IT'S ALL DICE, DAVE.

Line of sight is drawn by placing die side by such, such that they touch flat surface to flat surface. The distance is the number of dice needed to reach the destination.

Since all dice are a uniform size, you can tell easily whether or not you can see over an obstacle. If your unit is 2 dice tall, it can see over obstacles that are only 1 die tall. In these cases, just place the LOS dice over the obstacle.




Fig 180.6 - Transparent Mega Dice Mech.

If you want to take the idea a little further, you can introduce the concept of "glue". Glue allows you to build much larger units, but you can't take them apart. Who needs Minecraft when you have a tub of dice and a fresh tube of glue?

  Conceptual Notes

- Honestly, I don't remember where this idea came from. Probably playing with dice, would be my guess. I had so much fun with this idea that I ended up coming up with two other dice-related ideas. Also, this was an easy idea to illustrate.



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