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  Mechanic #198 - Negative Space Stickers
Posted: Feb 13, 2014

Two players compete to collect stars, changing the battlefield by rotating and placing stickers.

  Negative Space Stickers



Fig 198.1 - Empty level, so far.

This is a Negative Space puzzle game in which you control two characters trying to reach their colored stars. Initially, the game board is empty - half black and half white - and you get a collection of stickers that you can apply to the board, changing it.



Fig 198.2 - Creating a path with stickers.

Here, the player has begun to create a white path to the black star, allowing the black unit to move into the other side. Each sticker he uses up will be replaced by a new sticker. As this is a puzzle game, the types, order, and number of stickers is set for each level.



Fig 198.3 - Rotated stickers makes things sticky.

Stickers do not need to be placed horizontally. They can be rotated at will and placed, even on top of each other, allowing the player more leeway in creating paths.

  Additional Ideas

- Different sized stickers - stickers can come in a variety of different forms, such as circles, stars, and triangles.

- Gravity - There could be objects on the stickers that could be affected by the orientation the sticker is placed. For instance, a giant boulder could roll around depending on how the ground is sloped. Boxes could tumble and fall, closing gaps. Passage ways could be closed off. And so on.

- Sticker properties - Not all stickers are the same. Some could fade to white after a time. Some could dissolve completely. Some could start to peel off slowly, starting from the top. Maybe one could have slippery glue, and start to slide downward after a time.

- Sticker manipulation - Perhaps you can cut pieces off the stickers. Every time you make a cut, the smaller piece left over is thrown away. If you try to perfectly bisect a sticker, you could end up with the wrong half tossed away.

- Power-ups - Some stickers could feature power-ups, like jet packs, double jump boots, and so on.



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