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  Mechanic #003 - Neg-Space Wars

Category: Neg-space
Posted: 05/11/07

For eons, a war has been waged between the white silhouettes and the black silhouettes, warping their very space into weapons of destruction.



The concept is really quite simple. Empty space to Black would represent solid space to White. So, if Black were to somehow shape that empty space, it could be shaped into something meaningful to White. Think of it like a bubble made of Silly Putty. Black could enter White's space by wrapping a bubble of white around him. If he then shaped that bubble into a tool or a weapon, indirect combat suddenly becomes direct combat.


Let's say that Black has managed to tear off a bubble. He then uses his jet pack to fly really high up in the air. Then, letting gravity do the work, he falls to the ground, squashing three white silhouettes. Notice how they squash into addition white space, gaining a small bit of territory for Black. This is important because it is by tearing off pieces of territory that Black is able to entry White's universe, so the more that is available, the more units can be created. Being in the bubble, Black now interacts with the world as if he were white, thus bouncing off the white terrain off towards his next bubble massacre. If he wanted, he could return to his world, returning the space used by the white bubble to Black territory.


White fights back. Using a bazooka, White fires a few shots at the Black jet packer. The missiles explode in a small radius, eating away the white bubble. On the third shot, enough of the bubble is eaten away to break Black's silhouette, thus killing that unit. Outrages, another Black jet packer shows up and starts firing bullets from his bubble. Each bullet makes the bubble smaller (potentially destroying his silhouette), but these particular kinds of shots are sticky. Not only can they disrupt a white silhouette, they can also contribute a (small) bit to the white space when they hit the ground, giving Black an ever so tiny gain in territory.


In an effort to do some landscaping in his advantage, Black hires a few drillers to cut a swath through White's universe. It's a very slow process, and with even a small explosion, the Black unit could have his silhouette disrupted - but the gains in manipulating the territory are significant.


Black decides that the best offense is a good defense, so he grows a few pillboxes - they can be spawned from any surface, even upside down. These little gunner's stations allow a 180 degree arc of fire with an explosive weapon and decent protection. Unfortunately, these have additional machinery. If the silhoutte of the chair and control panel are disrupted, even if the Black unit is still okay, the entire pillbox will self destruct after a few seconds - the small path back will open up giving the Black unit a few moments to escape before a massive hole is left in the landscape.


White can't take it anymore, so they launch a counter attack - with a giant robot! The robot is extremely powerful - it's silhouette cannot be disrupted unless the brain is destroyed. The brain box and surrounding areas can be destroyed by small explosives or simple gun fire. Once the brain is destroyed, the arms, legs, and body are up for grabs. Hopefully, by then, another White unit will arrive with an escape bubble, or perhaps even another brain for the robot (replenishing the body bubble and reactivating any arm or leg with enough form left).




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