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  Mechanic #195 - Half-Rogue
Posted: Feb 7, 2014

Play a Roguelike as two different characters at the same time - well, half of them, anyway.




Fig 195.1 - Two great tastes that taste great together..

Really simple idea here. You play a Roguelike in which you play two character classes simultaneously. The twist is that you take the two characters, cut them and half, and glue them together. This leaves you with, for example, half of your body being a wizard and the other half being a fighter.

What this means is, depending on the side you attack from, you will attack as that half's class. Get hit on the wizard side and you'll have less defense than if you got hit on the warrior's side. Being effect in battle is about turning so that the best half for the job is facing the direction it needs to.

Which sides you choose could greatly affect your capabilities. For instance, a warrior may have a sword in his right hand and a shield in his left. If you choose his right side, you'll be able to attack with the sword, while if you choose his left side, you will defend with his shield. So each class has a somewhat different sets of abilities based on the half you pick.



Fig 195.2 - Always face BETWEEN the tiles.

This game takes place on a hexagonal grid, with the player facing between two hexes. This means that each half has exactly three hexes that it can hit and be hit from, and no position on the grid can hit both halves at once. In the above example, if the player were to attack the demon knight, he would hit it as a barbarian.

Turning clockwise or counter-clockwise requires an action, which in Roguelike turns, means that enemies can advance and hit you while you are rotating. When you move around the grind, you retain your facing. In the above example, if the player rotated clockwise, the demon knight would get a chance to hit him (on the warrior side) and he would be able to return the favor using warrior-based attacks.

  Conceptual Notes

- Original idea involved a square grid, but then I was stuck with only two sides being distinctly one or the other, and two sides being both. I considered having front attacks being a combination of the two classes and being unable to attack from behind, and that would've worked, but it felt like you'd just face the enemies for the double-class attacks and ignore the side attacks when able.



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